Core Management

Mr. Jayantibhai M. Patel is our Managing Director & Chairman. He has over five decades of experience in contract management, administration and construction of massive civil works. His career spans a variety of functions, including operations, business development, relationship management and quality management. The company has witnessed substantive growth over the course of his visionary leadership.
Mr. Dipak Patel, our Director, obtained a Masters in Structural Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA in 2001. He joined Sarjan after gaining experience in design, planning and construction management with consulting and construction groups in Chicago and New York. He believes in the transformative role of good leadership, which can make teams achieve extraordinary goals.

Pillars of Sarjan

Mr. Damodar Nayak
Mr. Damodar Nayak
Mr. G. O. Gupta
Mr. G. O. Gupta
Mr. Mukul kumar Vyas
Mr. Mukul kumar Vyas

Head Office and Site Staff

Our Fleet


Tippers are used to transport materials such as dry lean concrete, pavement quality concrete, aggregates and soil. They are sourced from reputed manufacturers such as Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland.

Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Ready Mix Concrete Plants are used to mix ingredients such as water, aggregate, sand, cement and admixture to create concrete. They are sourced from well-known manufacturers such as Schwing Stetter, Nilkanth and KYB Conmat.

DLC Pavers

DLC Pavers are used to lay dry lean concrete as the base of road. They are sourced from reputed manufacturers such as Apollo and Vogele.

Slip Form Pavers

Slip Form Pavers are used to lay high-grade concrete, which forms the top surface of roads. They compact concrete with electric needle vibrators and the use of sensors results in a smooth surface. They help avoid undulations by providing continuous micro-level control to the operator. Our fleet contains 2 Slip Form Pavers, which are sourced from Wirtgen and have a paving width capacity upto 7 meters.

Soil Compactors

Soil Compactors are used to compact soil, gravel and GSB during construction of roads and foundations. They are sourced from brands such as Volvo, Hamm and L&T.

Tandem Rollers

Tandem Rollers deliver high compaction performance, speed and gradeability in order to maximize productivity and durability. They are sourced from brands such as Wirtgen, Volvo and L&T.

Sand Classifier Plants

Sand Classifier Plants provide silt free sand and remove ultra-fine impurities. Our dry air classifiers are sourced from Puzzolana.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders are used for shifting and loading soil, aggregates and sand. Their robust constitution—particularly large front and rear wheels—make them suitable for pushing, lifting and loading earth, sand and other heavy materials. We source wheel loaders from L&T and Terex.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders are multi-utility machines used for construction, excavation, small demolitions, light transportation, breaking asphalt and loading of materials. They are sourced from L&T, CASE and JCB.

Transit Mixers

Transit Mixers are used to transport concrete, mortar and ready mix materials from concrete batching plants to sites. Our mixers are sourced from Schwing Stetter.

Fixed Crushers

Fixed Crushers are used to reduce large rocks into aggregate, granular sub-base and wet mix macadam. They are sourced from Puzzolana and have a maximum capacity of 250 tonnes per hour.


Excavators are used for mass excavation of soil and soft rocks. They can be paired with other hydraulic attachments such as rock breakers. Our fleet includes excavators with a maximum capacity of 48 tonnes, sourced from companies such as Hitachi and Tata.

Motor Graders

Motor Graders are long-bladed construction machines used to create a flat surface during the grading process. In the course of constructing paved roads, they aid in creating a wide flat surface upon which the asphalt/concrete can be placed. Our motor graders are sourced from well-regarded brands such as Caterpillar, Mahindra, L&T, Komatsu and XCMG.