Sarjan is committed to conduct all on and off-site business with responsible consideration for the environment. We go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations and strive for maximum sustainability in all our operations, from planning to execution. All employees are encouraged to carry a strong sense of environmental responsibility and sub-contractors are expected to comply fully with environmental guidelines. We assess the impact of all our projects on surrounding areas and ensure active communication in order to prevent environmental accidents.

Managing our carbon footprint and preventing environmental degradation, while presenting certain challenges, is ultimately both a necessity and an opportunity. Environmental sustainability offers a competitive advantage by making our business more risk aware, innovative and efficient. Along with our clients and stakeholders, we recognize that:

  • By mitigating pollution, we avoid operational delays, remediation costs, fines and legal fees and enhance our relationship with markets and communities in our area of operation
  • Delivering according to specifications and environmental standards inspires confidence within markets and communities, while safeguarding us against potential litigation and increased insurance premiums
  • Anticipating the specific availability of natural resources helps optimize our operational capacities and prevents unforeseen increases in costs, taxes and carbon permit liabilities

Adopting a systematic and collective approach to manage, monitor and improve our environmental impact ensures that we are competitive and welcome in our markets of operation.


We are proactive in the management of health and safety on and off-site and commit ourselves to the continued well-being of everyone involved in our projects, whether they are employees or partners in collaboration. To this end, we take the following measures:

  • We employ a full-time team of professionals who provide support and advice the company
  • Our safety department maintains an open-door policy and caters to all matters, whether it relates to the entirety of a project, specific site issues or personal concerns
  • Regular inspections and audits are carried out to verify good practices, confirm safe conditions and identify areas for potential improvement
  • All team members have the opportunity to enhance their health and safety skills and qualifications through our dedicated training department